Crash X

Crash X

The Crash games continue to attract thousands of users thanks to their unique gaming offerings, and I must say I am not excluded from this group. Among my recommendations, I can’t skip talking to you about Crash X, launched in 2021. This is a title that, like Aviator and Spaceman, is considered a classic among classics. It is developed by Turbo Games, one of the most innovative and reliable licensed providers currently, and already with a good portfolio in their hands.

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Here, I will talk to you in detail about Crash X, how to play it for free (demo), for real money in casino or with Crash X mod apk, and my professional opinion on this title. But I’ll start by highlighting the features that catch my attention the most. It offers an RTP of 96%, deposits from 0.1 USD to 100 USD and a maximum multiplier of up to x999,999! Simply unmissable.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Crash X

Belonging to the category of Crash games, this game by Turbo Games comes with all the benefits of this genre, such as high winnings and a social gaming experience among all its players. In this regard, in my opinion, they have done a good job of avoiding the most common disadvantages in this type of game with Crash X.

But don’t underestimate it, Crash X is more than just a fast-paced game. It brings a rather novel gaming experience even in this category, I tell you from experience. To know what awaits you when trying Crash X, you can rely on these features I have for you:

  • Developed by a licensed provider with a good track record (Turbo Games)
  • One of the highest multipliers in Crash games (x999,999)
  • Good RTP (96%) and volatility
  • Double bet feature, automatic plays, and many more
  • Modern and quite striking 3D visuals
  • Ranking system for its players
  • Requires great attention not to lose bets
  • Not as simple to play as slot machines

How to Play Crash X

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One thing I recommend after trying this game is not to view it as a slot machine. Crash games change the gameplay style you might be accustomed to in slots, so gaining experience in this new gameplay will be necessary to make the most of Crash X.

It all starts with the little rocket you see on the screen. Before the game begins, you need to choose your bet amount or how many bets you want to make simultaneously (up to a maximum of 2). Once you are ready, wait for the game to start, and the rocket will begin to soar through the infinite space with your bet.

Each game in Crash X is associated with a multiplier, which will increase as long as the rocket remains in flight. This brings us to the most crucial part of playing Crash X: You can withdraw your bet at any time, earning returns based on the multiplier when you cashed out.

The games in Crash X are not infinite. On the contrary, they can end at any moment. You need to withdraw when you have reached the desired winnings or if you think the game is about to end.

All your strategies will be based on when you want to withdraw, which is a challenging factor to predict. If you prefer to play it safe, you can aim for low multipliers, which eventually provide returns. I don’t recommend aiming for very high multipliers if you are just starting, but as you gain experience, they could be a good idea.

There are no symbols or combinations of any kind in Crash X. The main way to generate winnings is how far your rocket goes and when you withdraw your bet. In a way, it simplifies things by not having to learn the value of each symbol, but it requires a good level of attention to avoid losing your bet and to apply your game tactics.

Features and Functions

Real-Time Games

All games in Crash X are played in real-time with other players, so you always have to wait between 10-20 seconds for them to start, ensuring everyone is ready with their bets. Other players do not influence the outcome of your games, so you can focus on yours without any problem.

Double and Simultaneous Bets

Double and Simultaneous Bets

This is a unique feature even among fast-paced games. In Crash X, you can place two simultaneous bets, each with its own amount and characteristics. It is one of the most important game tools, allowing you to make creative combinations to generate returns. It was one of the most useful features in my experience playing.

Auto Cash Out

Auto Cash Out

Within your bet settings, you can choose to place automatic bets for a certain number of games and withdraw upon reaching a multiplier set by you. In my case, I often use this feature if I want to generate winnings with Crash X in the background.

Multiplier History

One of the best ways to set budgets for your bets in Crash X is by looking at the multiplier history in past games. It allows you to predict when a good streak of returns might come and increase your bet accordingly.

Social Game

Crash games and Crash X are considered social games, as there are various ways to interact with other players and even get inspired by the moves of the best players if you don’t know the optimal strategies yet.

Among the on-screen features of other users are their bet amount, generated winnings, and ranking in Crash X. Also, the number of players present will always be displayed on the screen, next to the ping or your connection stability.

Ranking System

Something I really like about Crash X is that it has an exclusive ranking system, quickly distinguishing who the most experienced users are among all the players.

You can also be part of these rankings and even belong to the best in Crash X. The requirements are simple, mainly playing several games and generating good returns. I haven’t reached one of the highest rankings yet, but I’m close.

Bonuses for Crash X

Bonuses for Crash X

The best Crash X casino for you will offer irresistible deals that can both boost your winnings and provide more funds for each deposit. These promotions vary from one platform to another, but here I will talk about the ones I think are the best for Crash X.

Starting with 1win, they offer up to 500% on your first 4 deposits. For me, this is one of the best offers in Indian casinos, as it is a long-lasting promotion activated with low amounts. For Crash X, this allows you to have a lot of free games with this operator.


I have to say, I’ve had a great time playing Crash X. I feel it stands out significantly among fast-paced games, taking the best of them while still providing a unique experience. While slots are still easier for me to get the hang of, I have no doubt that new users who try Crash X will quickly adapt to it.

But it’s not just about adaptability; this game offers solid features and some of the highest multipliers you can find, even compared to traditional slots. If you haven’t tried it yet, Crash X is the perfect entry point into the fast-paced games you’ve been looking for.

Frequently Asked Questions

🚀 What is Crash X?

Crash X is a fast-paced game, different from slot machines, played based on a multiplier that gradually increases your winnings.

🚀 What is the RTP of Crash X?

Crash X offers a return to player (RTP) of 96% and an incredible maximum multiplier of x999,999.

🚀 Where can I play Crash X?

You will find several casino offers, but I recommend going for those with a good reputation and license to operate in India, such as 1win.

🚀 What are the best bonuses for Crash X?

Personally, I think the welcome package from 1win is one of the best. It simply offers a lot, even with low deposits.